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Hire A Fractioal Ai Officer

Start Implementing Ai Today with a Done-With-You Fractional Ai Officer

When I speak and present, A LOT of founders and entrepreneurs ask me, “I have total Ai overwhelm. What’s the fastest way to implement Ai in my business, get my time back, automate annoying and repetitive tasks, or just figure out how to get past the noise and endless ‘shiny Ai objects'?”

Hire A Fractioal Ai Officer

We’ve done the hard work for you!

The EASY “done with you” answer is to work with a Fractional Ai Officer. You don't have to find, hire, train, or test someone out. The best news is I've done all that hard work for you and saved you months of time and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Evolve your Ai Systems from Toys to Tools

In just two hours…

You can start saving time and money without the Ai Pain.

First off, you’ll get these eight questions answered:
  • 1Where do I start?
  • 1Is Ai right for my business?
  • 3Is there any way to eliminate having to hire more people?
  • 4Can I increase the productivity of my existing team by 2x-3x?
  • 5How can I automate more processes?
  • 6What technologies can help me scale?
  • 7How do I systematize what’s working while continuing to innovate?
  • 8What should I be using Ai for and what shouldn’t I?
Mike Koenigs

That’s why I created my Fractional Ai Officer Program

To provide the Ai strategy and implementation help I wish I had when getting started.

Several years ago we helped my client, Charlie Epstein launch his one-man comedy show called “Yield of Dreams”, which makes retirement planning and wealth management funny and engaging. Charlie is having great success with his outbound calling team, booking meetings with prospects, but he knew he could multiply his results even faster by adding Ai.

Charlie Epstein
Mike Koenigs

He asked if he could strategize with my Ai team on automating his processes.

Charlie saw that turning his already successful system into an automated Ai process could massively scale his growth. He's one of those “shoot for the moon” thinkers who always says yes to big, exciting ideas that have potential.

I suggested that an Ai system could analyze the thousands of calls made by his team and turn it into a training manual, best practices playbook, or even build an automated booking system.

That's just a taste of what a Fractional Ai Officer can do. In a few two-hour working sessions, we can:
  • Show you how to automate nearly anything and everything in your business step-by-step, holding you or your team by the hand every step of the way
  • Replace copywriters by building Ai-content creators that capture your voice while generating endless high-converting copy for all your marketing
  • Create systems that replace or augment customer service and support
  • Develop your signature talk or keynote to go after your dream clients
  • Review hundreds of hours of meetings, transcripts and logs to create SOPs and document knowledge and internal processes
  • Build apps to automate tedious 20-30 hour weekly tasks down to minutes
  • Strategize how Ai can help write books, course content, or anything that takes your time
  • And so much more…

In fact, I’ve conducted thousands of surveys and interviews with business owners, entrepreneurs and founders from hundreds of different industries.

Here are the “Top 10 Most Valuable Ai Use Cases for Executives and Business Owners”:

  • 1Automating lead generation, prospecting and outbound sales processes to save time and increase revenue.
  • 1Developing a personalized Ai assistant to handle emails, social media, proposals and follow-ups to improve efficiency and find missed opportunities.
  • 3Enhancing customer experience through Ai-powered chatbots, personalized communication and automated support while maintaining a human touch.
  • 4Creating Ai-driven content creation, including blog posts, videos, courses and lead magnets to scale thought leadership and attract qualified leads.
  • 5Integrating Ai into marketing strategies for targeted messaging, ad creation and social media management to improve ROI and save time.
  • 6Automating repetitive tasks and processes within the business to reduce manual labor and increase productivity.
  • 7Utilizing Ai for data analysis, customer feedback and market research to identify best practices, improve decision-making and drive growth.
  • 8Developing proprietary Ai-powered software or tools to create equity in the business and generate additional revenue streams.
  • 9Implementing Ai for personalized customer onboarding, enrollment and retention to scale the business and reduce churn.
  • 10Leveraging Ai for predictive analytics, trend forecasting and risk assessment to stay ahead of the competition and make informed strategic decisions.

While the money you’ll save and make is important, what I love most is seeing your mind expand to the art of the possible with Ai. You realize there are few limits. It's less about what Ai can't do but more about “Yes, I can use Ai to get that done!”

Here's the thing: employees can be understandably afraid of Ai replacing them. But when implemented thoughtfully, Ai can make teams significantly more productive and profitable, freeing them from tedious tasks to focus on higher-value work.

Our Fractional Ai team has a simple process:

Step 1

First, you book a strategy session where we will uncover your biggest business challenges and opportunities. We have dozens of use cases, case studies and examples to draw from.

(This is the equivalent of the Step #1 Ai Blueprint)
Step 2

Next, we schedule FOUR working sessions where we collaborate and actually build Ai solutions that make money, save time, and automate high-value tasks with you.

Step 3

Each session is a 1:1 strategic two-hour sprint where you will get the most high-impact solutions with the least friction. They are FUN, and you walk away with finished solutions that work immediately.

Step 4

After just four sessions, you'll walk away with customized Ai solutions along with the confidence and strategic clarity to apply Ai across your business.

Step 5

And of course, we can do this over and over again – or find other ways to collaborate together, including building custom Ai software, products, services or growing your brand, platform and impact.

Meet our Chief Ai Officer Brad

Brad Costanzo

Brad Costanzo is a serial entrepreneur turned business and innovation strategist. With over two decades of experience in growth marketing, he empowers organizations with cutting-edge strategies to increase productivity, creativity and to conquer complex challenges while transforming human resources into superhuman resources.

With diverse experience spanning real estate, direct sales, and online marketing, Brad brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and has a proven track record of helping businesses achieve exponential growth.

He is the host of the popular podcast “Bacon Wrapped Business,” where he interviews successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders, sharing invaluable insights and strategies for business success.

 If you’ve already done the Ai Blueprint process, we’ll apply that investment to the Fractional Ai program!

Mike Koenigs

Mike Koenigs

Peter Diamandis calls Mike “An Arsonist of the Mind in all the best ways”

He’s a serial entrepreneur with five successful exits and an 18x bestselling author.

He helps entrepreneurs create their “Next Act”, high-net, low-overhead, high-impact, lifestyle-compatible and simple businesses they love. He’s the secret weapon of founders looking to create and launch a new business after an exit, and build a magnetic personal brand that multiplies the value of everything they do.

His expertise and success have led him to work with major brands and high-profile clients, including Sony, AT&T, BMW, 20th Century Fox, Best Buy and 3M.

As a pioneer in teaching Ai, Mike has taken the stage at Tony Robbins' events, Peter Diamandis' Abundance 360 conferences, MIT, EO, YPO, Strategic Coach, Genius Network, JJ Virgin’s Mindshare and Dave Asprey’s Biohacking events, inspiring and educating audiences with his innovative Ai insights and systems.

His programs have helped executives and founders, like you, to consistently achieve ground-breaking results in dozens of industries and verticals, including healthcare, biotech, longevity, software, wealth, finance, investing, real estate, education, personal brands, entertainment, luxury products, space, experiences and events, legal, HR, advertising, marketing and more.